Experiments with Film.

(and spending too much money)

Kentmere 400/Loose Dev time/Loose Temps

Full transparency, I did not plan for a loose dev time/temperature experiment. I broke my long glass thermometer and had to guess at the developer temperature using a medical thermometer gun and an under tongue thermometer. Some of the results are below.

Cows are friends

Met this small group of cows lounging by the side of the road. Came down the hill and pulled over immediately to get some shots of them as they ate. They were curious and friendly and didn’t mind me getting close. Grey day, shooting HP5 one stop up @800.

Winter Fog

Images from a misty morning in August 2021. Includes a prime example of film getting stuck together due to a loader operator error (me) when loading the film onto the dev reel. Ilford FP4, Olympus om10.

Brisbane City

A quick trip to Brisbane and a stroll around New Farm.


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