Experiments with Film.

(and spending too much money)

New York City

Wow, what a city. My first international travel in 4 years puts me in the middle of NYC. In hindsight, it’s a wild step back into traveling post covid. Incredible city, where I could easily spend a year just wondering around, taking photos and spending too much money on gear and developing. (and food). QuiteContinue reading “New York City”

Fujifilm time

I got ripped off in New York paying for this Fujifilm. 18 bucks a roll at a film store for 2 rolls, 2 blocks later in a CVS 3 rolls for $27.99. Can’t be mad, those NY rents would be punching them in the face. These few are from tripping around greater Vancouver, BC inContinue reading “Fujifilm time”

New Lens, New Me?

Not really. New to me 50mm f/1.4 and a few from the first roll developed.

Kentmere 400/Loose Dev time/Loose Temps

Full transparency, I did not plan for a loose dev time/temperature experiment. I broke my long glass thermometer and had to guess at the developer temperature using a medical thermometer gun and an under tongue thermometer. Some of the results are below.


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Hi, I’m Rich. Jack of all trades with too many hobbies. This is where I post about the one where I take all the photos on film.

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